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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dear All, 

I sincerely apologize for the previous email that a virus sent from my email. Please DELETE THAT EMAIL and DO NOT OPEN THE LINK included.
On another note, this has turned out to be a great way to get in touch with people and to clean out old email addresses from my contacts list.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and if you need any advice about what not to do while searching for a job, like sending an email to everyone you have ever known, please get in touch and see the PERFECTLY HEALTHY link below.

Thank you for your understanding,

Jessica Silverstein
Attorney's Counsel: Does Your Resume Rise to the Bar?


Dear All,

Monday, August 31, 2009


No, not a new line from some designer + Target or + H&M....did I mention I took severance? In the past year we've all heard so many new ways to say, lost my job, was let go, took severance, etc ...While there's no reason to be blunt or rude, we all know what you mean. We ALL know someone who has been effected: single, married, pregnant, men, women, new moms, anyone, everyone.

With that in mind + my experience reviewing 1000s of resumes and interviewing countless candidates I've started Attorney's Counsel: Does Your Resume Rise to the Bar?

Attorney's Counsel will do it all: write your resume, edit your already existing resume from top to bottom, tailor your resume for a specific position, and review your resume to suggest changes you should make on your own when you are ready. Our goal is simple. We will help you get the interview!

Your resume alone, however, will not get you the job. You need to interview effectively. Attorney's Counsel will work with you to generate answers to relevant questions, confirm that your presentation is professional, and give you the confidence to tell a potential employer why you are the best candidate for the job.

We will also draft your professional biography should you need one for publication.

Feel free to let me know what you think! I'm happy to be back and I look forward to working with you!

It's been AGES!!!!

I know, and I'm SO sorry. Motherhood, and unemployment, and motherhood, and starting a new business, all in under 1 year has been time consuming! Trust me though, I've been blogging in my head everyday....I even feel a little weight has lifted as I type. From my body, not so much, from my soul...yeah.

Best news so far today: freshdirect arrived, FINALLY, so I can have my coffee. Yes, I can make my own coffee now. The things we learn when we don't have the fun pods from the office. I mean coffee pods to put into the machine....

This feels great! I could've bee typing all day everyday and had my blog picked up and been paid $1million and had some super famous actress play me in a movie. Oh well.

I've actually been saving emails I wrote to friends to post here, because they were just REALLY funny! Mom's are funny because they narrate their day and then realize, that's a nice way to say they talk to themselves. Then we read studies...so many studies...that say it's good for the baby to hear your voice, so you figure, awesome! I get to talk all day and she's learning. Perfect.

Jordanna, little misscheif, little miss perfect, little roundness, little little little, is almost ONE! Soon she won't be little and I'll cry.

Must go do some work....more on that in 1 moment!

I missed you guys! Although, planning this pink princess party is all consuming.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Platinum Babies

So, any of you could've been on Platinum Weddings? Really? Well A and I could've been, I watch and I'm not impressed. I'm not bragging, our wedding just 100% ROCKED and was GORGEOUS and PERFECT and AMAZING!

Almost 3 years later, little JHS is also PERFECT, AMAZING and GORGEOUS and ROCKS, but...is her life Platinum? Even as a new mother in new mother bliss (and some wine to aid the bliss) I'm not sure....in this economy is anyone?

Well, I'm already TiVo-ing this new show that doesn't exist yet...

Know Platinum Weddings? Here's Platinum Babies!!!! I so DESPERATELY want to be one it, know people on it, not care about anyone on it, be totally above it, but watch it all the time. Are they serious on BabyLuxe? Marie Antoinette Baby Showers???? OK, must admit, we did get a sterling Tiffany's piggy bank (XOXO you know who) and hair brush and rattle/teether, but I didn't ask for them and we also got fabulous clothes from Macy's that she wears non-stop and the most adorable gold-flecked dress from Old Navy(picked that one out myself online), so...we're frugal but fabulous. Know anyone Perfect and Platinum, forward them this link....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where does the time go!?

SALES SALES SALES everywhere! Alas, having no actual IN-come (which, once you have none REALLY makes the "in" part more meaningful...like in-come, come to me, use me, spend me, have me, etc...or don't) makes shopping more difficult. Not impossible but more difficult and a little less fun. Someone I knew once told their kids that FAO Schwartz was a toy museum and nothing was for sale and they couldn't touch. BRILLIANT! So, that's the mentality I went with into Saks, Bendels, Bloomingdales, past Bergdorfs, into Macys, Nordstrom, thought about Lord & Taylor, into Pookie & Sebastian, into Express and Old Navy (online and some was for JHS...more abt her later), and then I returned stuff.

The good news, I still can't buy shoes. "WHY!?," I hear you scream. I'm pretending my feet will go back to normal pre-preggo size and while I was trying that I had to have minor toe surgery...not enough to be forced to keep me feet up (no matter what my mother says) but enough to require multiple bandaids and thus keep my shoes from fitting. But, on that trip to Saks w/Mom and Jordanna I saw Dior heels, chocolate brown, quilted (but not in a want-to-be-a-snow-boot way and also not in a trying-to-be-Chanel-bc-really-people-we're-still-Dior), 2-2.5 in heel for JUST OVER $100 on sale! WHAT WHAT WHAT? Yes, and in my size, or the size I pretend I continue to be. So, not only did I not have the IN-come to buy them (yeah, that's that credit cards are for, but not when you have a nanny to pay and other stuff you need...)

In desperation I brought my trusty black Banana work heels to be stretched (bc a girl can't lie to herself about shoes forever....about the pouch that is her belly, yes, shoes no) and the ancient Greek shoe guy did an OK job. We'll see if I give him him the identical brown pair...and then all the rest. My girlfriends feel for me (and are hopeful for themselves) that I may have to give some of my shoes away...the GORG black satin Jimmy Choos w/FAB crystal/pearl bursty-dangly thing that I've worn to almost everyone's wedding, the orange/salmon (depending on my mood and my outfit) open-toe super-fun summery heels, etc, etc, etc. I wont allow myself to turn around and check my shoe cubbies for inventory.

OK, but really I'm writing today because it is the most perfectest, cutest, funniest, most adorablest baby's 3 month birthday. (Yeah, I know, it's been 3 months, my feet wont change back) Which means it is also 3 months since the economy tanked, 3 months since I've been to the gym (+9mo), 3 months since I've slept through the night (which isn't her fault), 3 months since our apartment turned into a Fischer-Price Rainforest showroom, 3 months since my online bookmarks changed from legal recruiting and related job sites to baby stationery, toys, clothes, gifts, classes, bedding, shoes, development, playgroup, blogs and all other manner of BABY STUFF. It's been amazing and crazy and fun and just perfect.

Every morning A and I ask ourselves if it's just us or if everything thinks she's as perfect as we do. Every morning we're sure it's not just us.

We love you Jordanna Fofanna (AKA Munchkin)!!!!

Hannukah gifts are WAY easier when you can give grandparents and aunts and uncles pictures of your baby. Doesn't everyone want a poster-sized calendar with pictures of my child on it?

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate (I think they all include presents!) and I'll write more soon.

Regards, JES (with JHS napping next to me. FINALLY!)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's been TWO MONTHS!!!

Yes, my entire life has changed, but it's also still kinda the same (minus the stupid economy...damn you economy!). Resort collections are coming out, things are on sale, I'm buying and returning, I'm stuck wearing the same few outfits over and over (don't call it a rut), and I'm dreading packing.

All of those things are the same, BUT....now I'm looking at baby juicy resort (I'm not kidding, a friend got a perfectly adorable 3-6 bathingsuit for her little girl at bloomies, after a delish lunch at 40 Carrots where we both ran into people we knew...), I'm buying baby clothes on sale, I bought and returned two gorgeous DVF tops bc who needs to spend the $$$, esp since my boobs are still bigger than "normal" and the outfits I'm re-wearing until they turn to shreds (or get spit-up on, or coffee spilled on them) are maternity pants. Bad news: still wearing maternity pants. Good news: they're too big and only bc all my "normal" pants are in storage in MD. And we've come full circle to packing. MUST pack today for (yeah, typing this is procrastinating) JHS's naming in MD this weekend. Her clothes are all very little so it's not a big deal but she needs double everything because although she's a lady she sometimes makes a MESS of herself.

I would rather do laundry everyday and have my nails never done and my fingers be raisins from washing bottles and have to change the changing-pad-cover 3 times in one day than go back to what I thought was "normal."

Jordanna is currently talking to herself in her rainforest swing. Wonder if she thinks she's on some eco-vacation...she's SO green!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One month later...

So, after the most FABULOUS Chanel event in The Park I came home and what's in my pocket? A new diamond and pearl ring? a quilted mini bag? a Chanel No. 5 sample? no, no and no (although we did get a 150ml bottle!!!)...a pink and purple pacifier that had fallen on the floor earlier today at the pediatrician's office! Yes, an official mom moment.

Jordanna is 10lbs 4oz today, she's growing A LOT but unfortunately I can no longer subtract her weight from mine. Oh, if I could what a wonderful world it would be....less stretchy waistbands, but a happy place...

What? Don't you have a one month old at home? How can you go to an event during bath and bed-time? I have a baby nurse (it's her last week, I don't want to discuss it) and tonight was Daddy's night to learn all about how to feed her and put her to bed, a VALUABLE lesson for him to learn.

And you can see how my life has changed since this post is about HER and bath-time and not so much about the Chanel event. Honestly though, the cheeks are TOO MUCH!

There's an art installation in Central Park and Chanel had an invite only event w/cocktails, etc...LOTS of fur and people who probably wear Chanel ALL THE TIME and I can't wait to check Style.com tomorrow for photos....anyways, I went w/the new Grama and it was awesome. Had my 1st drink since last January! I had a few sips at Rosh Hashanah this year but got a headache...

off to pump before bed....and then start my day all over again.

Promise to write more soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The NEW Me!

Silly me. I was just going to sign on and write about how I'm between feedings (Jordanna's and mine) and ha ha, the baby nurse reminded me that I forgot to pump...and also, forgot my password so I just wasted the last 5 minutes resetting it so i can forget it again.

Anyone at work wouldn't recognize the forgetful- disorganized-NOTHING-filed-me. This is the new me, according to everyone w/a baby.

It's a miracle this little girl (her, not me) gets fed and changed on any regular schedule.

Oh, in case you hadn't guessed, Jordanna Heather Silverstein was born!!! September 20, 2008 at 10:20am weighing 8lbs 1.5oz and she was 19 3/4in long.

Yipee!!! I'm a mommy, A's a daddy and there are four thrilled grandparents.

I'll start her her own blog when I remember to eat my own lunch and nap (ha!). For now, she's 100% perfect and I'm figuring out my new self in my new role. Some wise woman told me there is no more "back to normal" there is a NEW normal. Wonder if my new-normal feet will fit back- into my normal size shoes!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I know, it's been AGES!

Speaking of ages....
I was in a cab on my way to work today and I saw some touristy "I heart NY" sweatshirts. Normal, right? They had neon splatter paint all over them. The little girls (or boys, but probably girls) that are going to wear them won't even know they're SO '80s. At least 1.5 years ago I saw my bat mitzvah earrings, not the ones I changed into to match my dress, but the ones I actually wore to services, at H&M. THE SAME ONES! I loved the '80s and all that went with it (I was little so I mean the music and movies and clothes, not the other stuff I don't know about...) so it's funny to me now that so many things are "back."
Yes, white scrunch socks are packed in my baby bag ready to go to Mt. Sinai at a moment's notice. They're still comfy and warm, so sue me!
I've seen so many tons of things online that I've wanted to blog about but I've had a one track mind...so much so that I forgot a friend's birthday, ordered another one a bday gift and then forgot it never arrived, have NO idea what to get for A's bday on Monday (love you!), and all because I'm waiting for what will be the most important birthday in my life...Will it be in August or September? Summer or Fall? Camp or School? Peridot or Sapphire?
More about ages. It occurred to me when my mother gave me a picture of her preggo with me and my dad (wrong punctuation or syntax there, the pix is of my parents and my mother is pregnant with me in 1977) that my little girl (I do make sure the ultrasound tech checks every time!) will think A and I are old. She won't remember things about our lives before her that are obvious to us. The '80s will be history for her, like the class on the '60s I took in college. It's literally incomprehensible, the entire thing!
I got my 1st pair of jeans (that I remember) in 6th grade when my BFF (and future rabbi at my wedding) and I were gifts to each other at Halloween. I think we were going to wear black leggings (we were SO way ahead we had no idea!) but changed to jeans the day of. Now they make all kinds of kids jeans. I was actually looking for infant Halloween costumes (since I'll have an infant and will need her to get me candy for my post-preggo diet, if anyone needs to get me a gift, you can't register for WW but I would if I could) and came across these jeans:

Honestly, how long are a baby's legs that different styles make any difference, plus, they can't even walk so no one will even see the flare at the bottom! From top to bottom: Relaxed, bootcut and flared from Old Navy where they have some really cute stuff. But since she cld be tiny or huge we're trying to wait to buy clothes...or any more clothes.
Must get back to waiting to go into labor. I'm counting the days and hours and minutes and seconds!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I'm a little upset, and rightfully so (I think).

Read this from the NYTimes and try not to see your childhood destroyed just a little bit. In similar news Smurfs are coming to the big screen, but I can't remember where I saw that.

I will not allow JHS to play with Strawberry shortcake and her CELL PHONE! She has a CAT, named CUSTARD, not a CELL PHONE! and she's a freaking cartoon named after a CAKE, not a skinny little girl. I'm only posting this picture so that you can see what they've done to her. Fine, her hair looks good and less Raggedy Ann-like, but it's hot pink, like those old ladies on the bus who can't get their hair color right. And high-waisted pants are already over (right?). SAVE Strawberry Shortcake!

I won't even get started on what they're doing to Care Bears.

Feel free to vent.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shop for me...

I would ONLY wear Rebecca Taylor, but I can't...in my current condition, so please, PLEASE go shop for me!

Rebecca Taylor's girlie frocks are reduced by up to 60 percent; beaded dresses were $380 but are now $150. When: 6/3 (1–8); 6/4 and 6/5 (10–8). Where: 145 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave. (212-388-0339).

Hmmm, does she make baby clothes? OHMIGOD, little mini tiny Rebecca Taylor clothes, with spit up all over them! Adorable!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Phew! Some other brilliant mother came up with this!

I know, I shouldn't be thinking about this yet...since I should just be enjoying when everyone else around me drinks while I'm in pregnant bliss.

However, a friend who JUST last week had her baby was been wanting the baby out so she could have a drink. I think this is the PERFECT baby gift!

Like a breathalizer for breast-milk. You go out w/your girlfriends and leave the baby w/dad, just for once, and you come home, baby's crying and YOU are the only one that can feed her/him. What do you do? Worry you'll get your kid drunk (which I'm pretty sure is medically impossible via boob-milk but I'm not a Dr), or whip out MILK SCREEN?

I know! I should do the commercials! Not sure JHS is camera ready just yet...

I can tell you I'm loving the overly sweetened Mojito Lemonade at Cosi...if it's all I can have now, no one will stop me! Don't worry, it's just lemonade!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Are you a DD girl?

You can be today! Free iced coffee @ Dunkin Donuts from 10am to (I think)
10pm(if you need coffee @ 10pm).

Go get on line...

Enjoy, JES
JESS- sent from phone

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day!?

Get one for you, get one for your mom, get one for your MFA getting brother to decorate...OHMIGOD! perfect idea!!!!

I know my last post was also abt luxury bags, but since I refuse to get the gucci baby bag (bc I'll be annoyed when my kid barfs on it), I need other accessories (since regular clothes don't fit)...

So, may I present: The DECORATE-IT-YOURSELF FENDI BAGUETTE. I KNOW! It's genius! Get 7, and have them match your days-of-the-week panties. Get 12 and use one each month, ya know, like with sunshine in June and red/white/blue in July, and pumpkins in Oct, and all that stuff..... I know they're not free, but it's the COOLEST!!!

Here's a link to some more info about them. Considering, it's not that expensive...since you're decorating it yourself.

Use them to carry diapers and wipes, use them to match every outfit you own, use puffy paint and a bedazzler and really go wild.

I do promise to post more, but all I can think about is the 9lbs I gained in two weeks. I know. Really I like to talk about it because in however many more weeks I have to go (I'm still counting up and not down) I'll never talk about how many lbs I gained EVER AGAIN! JHS is 1 lb so really I only gained 8 and she's 1 so what, that's 4 lbs a week. That's the grilled cheese(s) and tubs of icing for sure. No need to mention I need new bras...again. I mean not mentioning it again, but I need them again. Anyways....I KNOW it's natural and supposed to happen and revel in it and whatnot but YOU get on the scale, a Dr's one, and have it go up 9 lbs in two weeks and try to get all those old voices out of YOUR head. yeah, I thought so. A wise friend once told me you can legally (we're lawyers so we know this stuff) refuse to be weighed. Also, not sure why this didn't occur to me sooner...you can just turn around and not look! As long as the big click-y thing doesn't go to 200 I'll survive. And no, I'm 100% NOT dieting or being a psycho w/my eating so don't judge me, but it's a whole new body thing so I'm just getting used to it.

So, off I go to find loose/stretchy outfits to wear to some summer weddings and bday parties.

Hope you're all doing well and again, I promise to try to post more often!

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